Free COVID-19 workplace screening tool developed by Couch & Associates

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Free COVID-19 workplace screening tool developed by Couch & Associates

Marketing technology company, Couch & Associates, make an impressive pivot to enable companies to safely reopen.

TORONTO, Oct. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As COVID-19 disrupted business globally, Couch & Associates began to develop solutions that were in urgent need. Most recently they have turned their attention to helping businesses reopen their doors and welcome staff back to the workplace with an online employee self-screening tool.

The free screening tool encompasses the critical components that are required by law in various regions to reopen the workplace and maintain a safe environment. Making the tool available online further prevents the spread of infection with screening completed from home rather than at the workplace.

Organizations receive a branded screening site containing standardized questions that are automatically updated based on the latest guidance from health officials. Integrations are then available with CRM systems, HRIS systems and Google Sheets, for reporting purposes. The free version also allows for multiple office locations and custom employee identifiers to be inserted.

This is more than sufficient for most small to mid-sized businesses to screen employees and report effectively. Advanced features can be added where additional organizational requirements or custom integrations are needed.

Janet Candido, Principal at Candido Consulting Group, stated, “Candido Consulting Group encourages our clients to use this screening tool when reopening their workplaces. We wanted a solution that met government regulations, was easy to use and had a good reporting system. This tool does all of that and does it for free.”

Couch & Associates are best known for developing solutions to marketing and sales challenges but have proven their strategic and technical capabilities across multiple sectors. This ability was emphasized by creating a patient management solution for hospitals shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Ontario Regulation 364/20 – Workplace Screening

Couch & Associates Patient Management Solution
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